Pest Masters Pest Control Sunshine Coast - Cracks and crevices, that's where they'll be. Flush 'em out, that's our guarantee

Pest Masters - the worst news a termite will hear today!


Pest Masters - the worst news for every creepy crawly living in South East Queensland!

They love your new home (for lunch), they adore your new kitchen (as their personal diner), they find your wardrobe great (as a playground) and they can't wait to play with your kids ( as a host).

They creep, crawl and munch their way around your place, burrowing, destroying or spreading disease wherever they go.

When termites, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, fleas, ants or any of that pesky gang of critters invade your home, it is time to call the masters of their doom . . . The Pest Masters!

Pest Masters have the technology and knowledge to give your little problems a one way ticket to oblivion.

All chemicals used are environmentally friendly and adhere to the strict codes applied to all licenced and accredited operator in the Pest Industry.

Before you buy a home, for real peace of mind, do not sign anything until it has been checked out by Pest Masters.

Why call them? Take a look at the images of the termite mounds they found under the subfloor of a house on the Sunshine Coast (on the left side of this page) . . . this is a house which had been given the "all clear" by another so called "Pest Inspector"!

Don't risk your money or your family, call the Pest Master first on 0447 601 196

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The destructive termite

Destroyed timber
Termite destruction

Termite entry point tunnel

Wood mould
Wooden deck with mould